Services & Support


Information Technology (IT) Products, Services, Consulting   and Business Solutions including:

Systems Analysts Applications Integrations Enhancements Enterprise Solutions Architects

  • Systems Integrations & Process Designs
  • Applications Development & Enhancements
  • Applications Lifecycle Management (IT Operations)
  • Implementation, Upgrades, Rollouts and Support
  • Enterprise & Systems E2E Integrations
  • Enterprise & Solutions Architecture
  • Solutions Management & Governance
  • Applications & Business Analysts

  • Project and Program Management of all IT Projects including SAP and ERP Projects
  • Business Process Design & System Designs
  • Cost effective and time saver methods to Analyse, Plan, Design, Implement/Deploy, and support SAP, ERP, and Custom made integrated Business and IT Solutions including, continuous improvements upgrades, rollouts and migration to Integrate and streamline systems, applications and technologies and implementations
  • Integrate and align Enterprise Resources, Business Processes, Systems , Applications and technology to meet business demands
  • Execute the right steps, methods, roadmaps, project management techniques for achieve goals successfully
  • Use innovative tools to identify transformational business opportunities and new business models
  • Training: Project Specific, Education and Corporate courses designed to help you maximize user acceptance and proficiency product utilization.
  • Education: for Business Analysts, System Analysts, Project methodologies, Planning Organization, Directing and Controlling of SAP and ERP Projects


  • IT Operations, Support for SAP and ERP
  • Onsite production support
  • Offshore support
  • Online support
  • Outsourcing
  • Implementation Support
  • Sustainment Support

  • Training Support
  • Resources Supply and Management Support
  • Project Management Support
  • Systems and Project Audit Support
  • Business Engagement Support
  • Deliverables Management Support
  • RFQ/Tender Support

  • Change Management Support
  • Data Migration support
  • Business Process Expert/Architect & Business Analysts support
  • Implementation and Operations Solution Management support
  • Systems and Business/Enterprise Integration Management support
  • Documentation and Deliverables support

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