Members & Associates


Important Instructions:

  • Use your full email address for login.
  • Never disclose passwords to any person or mail request.
  • Do not forget to sign out when leaving.

Accessing mails via EMail Clients:

Our mail service can also be availed via all popular email clients.

For instructions on how to configure mail client on mobiles or desktop (outlook, thunderbird, etc.,)

mail to our support or contact IT department.


  • We offer 10 GB free cloud storage for all our members.
    • Members can use this space for company as well as personal storage.
    • There are desktop clients available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.
    • Clients offer an easier sync between your local devices and cloud storage.
  • Mail to our support or contact IT department to get your free its e2e2 cloud storage user id and password.
  • Desktop client software can be downloaded directly from here.

Technical Support

Finally, you should sketch a specific valuable roadmap in your introduction.